journée ouverte gravor

Grav’Or is pleased to invite you at the Dines showroom and present you with its latest glass creations. In an 300 sqm beautiful Parisian building, DINES brings together the creations of several artisanal houses such as Grav’or, Blanc Carrare, Argile, Lazer Agencement, Fonderie d’Art Macheret, Mirabel Slabbinck, and La Robinetterie de Paris. On this occasion, you will also have the pleasure of discovering the model of the DINÈS Express project: born from the collaboration of the interior design agency Lecoadic-Scotto and Dinès, imagined as a luxurious and timeless train cab, and the result of an interdisciplinary partnership, DINÈS Express is a summary of the rigorous and innovative know-how that DINÈS and its partners put at your disposal.

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