Boutique Dior

The Dior 30 Montaigne’s boutique, a dream come true again

After more than two years of renovation, the Dior boutique 30 Avenue Montaigne is reopening its doors to fashion enthusiasts. The famous workshops of the couturier Christian Dior are once again open to the public.

The curious will be able to enjoy the iconic pieces in the boutique, while the more admiring will be amazed by the beauty of the 13 exhibition rooms of The Dior Gallery, located at 11 François 1er street, in Paris.

The history of the 30 Avenue Montaigne

It was an obvious choice for Christian Dior. In 1946, he fell under the spell of this private hotel in the heart of Paris. He fell in love with its neoclassical facade and the refined curves of the building. Then, he became the proud owner of this immense building, situated in a privileged location to develop his activities. The multi-storey building gave way to the workshops of the fashion house in which dressmakers, fabrics, accessories and mannequins were intermingled.

The workshops were located not far from prestigious hotels where Christian Dior could find new silhouettes to dress. This is how the first collections were created and how the Dior myth became part of the international fashion scene.

The legendary workshops

Christian Dior attached great importance to the decoration of the spaces and workshops. They were therefore in his image: simple and classy. At the centre of the studios is a staircase, a legendary feature of 30 Montaigne. To compensate for the studio’s lack of space, Christian Dior and his teams used to spread out on the landing and on the steps of the staircase.

It was here that the first Dior collections were worn during the fashion show at the fashion house. Yet four days later, these same stairs were invaded by a demonstration by dressmakers from another fashion house, who wanted the Dior workshops to be shut down in solidarity.  

Over the years, the modest Dior fashion house has grown into a five-building building with 28 workshops and over a thousand employees.

The Dior Gallery

At the heart of its workshop is a sumptuous show. The New Look by Christian Dior was born in 1946 in these spaces rich in creation and inspiration. The Dior Gallery opened in March 2022 as a tribute to Monsieur Dior to showcase his talent for all to see. Visitors from all over the world can now admire the Couturier’s work by encountering his creations and immersing themselves in his art.

13 rooms have been created to display the haute-couture pieces over 10,00 square metres. Each room offers a magical new experience where elegance and style are intertwined. Visitors can admire the haute-couture pieces, the catwalk outifts worn by the most famous personalities, or the accessories and perfumes created by the Couturier.

Grav’Or’s savoir-faire at 30 Avenue Montaigne

Dior collaborated with Grav’Or to create the display cases of the boutique near the Champs-Elysées. Grav’Or created all the glass for the bespoke display cases at 30 Avenue Montaigne. The objective was above all to protect the products in the display cases and to provide an emotion to the customer during his adventure in this fabulous place. The glassworks therefore proposed tempered glass, also known as safety glass, a process that makes the glass unbreakable. This means that it can withstand any impact it may receive.

The display cases have been designed and adapted so as not to create reflections on the products and so that they can be crossed by the light and lighting of the boutique. In addition to practicality, the display cases are made of extra-clear glass to reveal all the details of the pieces and to give them even more prestige and elegance.

Grav’Or is proud to present its creations for an emblematic fashion and luxury brand.

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